The Singing Bee - Netflix

A game show in which contestants "sing in the blanks" when presented with partial song lyrics.

The Singing Bee - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-07-10

The Singing Bee - The Singing Bee (Philippine game show) - Netflix

The Philippine version of The Singing Bee premiered April 21, 2008 on ABS-CBN. A combinination of karaoke singing and a spelling bee-style competition, this show features contestants trying to remember the lyrics to popular songs. In each episode, six contestants will be selected from the audience to play a series of games that test their knowledge of song lyrics. If a contestant makes an error, he or she will forfeit her chance to get into the “musical chairs”. If a contestant is not in a musical chair when the round is over, he or she is eliminated. The grand prize is P1,000,000. It is currently hosted by Amy Perez and Roderick Paulate for season six and seven. It was previously hosted by Cesar Montano for five seasons. The house band, Bandble Bee, is led by Mel Villena, with several house singers called The Songbees. Dancing to the band are the house dancers, The Honeybees.

The Singing Bee - To Bee Corrected - Netflix

The host would provide the year the song was released, the performer, and the title of the song. A portion of the song is performed and wrong line is sung at the end, and then the contestant has to attempt to correct the wrong line of the song. If correct, they advance to the next round, and a new song is introduced, which the next contestant in line must attempt; if not, they have to step back, and the next person in line tries the same song. A song is thrown out if none of the remaining contestants get the line correct. The first four people who get a song line correct move on to the second round.

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