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Koichi Kamiya is a normal student, but one day, a mysterious voice wakes him up from his dream, and asks him to fight against evil in the name of Babel II. The next day, he meets Juju, Wong and the powerful Lord Yomi, who is trying to gather a powerful group of people with psychic powers to take over the world. But first, he needs Babel's Legacy, a tremendous power which can only be used by Babel's succesor, and this succesor is, of course, Koichi. With the help of Rohdem the black panther, Robross the giant bird and Poseidon the giant robot, he will protect the Earth from Yomi's evil forces.

Babel II: Beyond Infinity - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2001-10-05

Babel II: Beyond Infinity - Tony Oliver - Netflix

Rafael Antonio “Tony” Olivier (born May 12, 1958 in San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an American voice actor best known for voicing Rick Hunter from Robotech, Lancer from Fate/stay night and Arsène Lupin III from Lupin III. He helped produce the live action shows Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and VR Troopers.

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